Next-Gen hybrid blockchain network

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Accelerating the Web3 world! Web3-aaS



  • 01
    A Layer 0 / Layer 1 network to achieve a true Web2.0 x web3 hybrid environment.
  • 02
    Provides a one-stop web3 solution
  • 03
    Covering from the protocol layer to the application and service layer
  • 04
    Enabling Web2.0 companies to quickly build their own web3 services

Our Project


You can start using your own Layer 1 Blockchain right away

THXNET. offers FIAT-based payment for the initial fee and the monthly maintenance fee, like general SaaS products.

Paying by cryptocurrency or holding tokens is not necessary.

 In this manner, we believe that it helps users who encounter legal and tax issues in some countries, including Japan.

ConnectToEarn – ShareToEarn

THXNET. provides built-in To-Earn features.

ConnectToEarn : Layer 1 Leafchains users’ services can incentivize their services’ users to sign up with ID-Wallet. The services’ users will receive THX as a reward and be engaged in ID-Wallet capability at the same time.

We believe that paying directly to your target users instead of paying huge Ads costs is a very web3 way of acquiring customers.

ShareToEarn :

Layer 1 Leafchains users’ services are capable of interoperability with ID-Wallet. But service users are the ones who decide to share their data or not.

We also believe that this manner is incentivized and decentralized data management and it gives a web3 way of new user experience.


THXNET. will grow in the big eco-cycle of services and users empowered by ID-WALLET.

This cycle will be maintained by the well-managed, scalable Layer 0/Layer 1 structured infrastructure, which is the core system of THXNET.. It will support more services and users to use ID-WALLET.

On top of that, the built-in 2Earn (Connect2Earn and Share2Earn) will strongly boost this cycle to grow bigger

Web3 brings trust, security, and innovation to the world. We bring Web3 to you.

See our roadmap


  • 2019/02
    Issue ERC20 and ERC721 compatible token module THX on Ethereum Mainnet
  • 2019/07
    Launch So-Lo-Mo application based on THX token, thx!App
  • 2020/02
    Issue thx! token module on the first L1 using Bifrost crosschain module
  • 2020/04
    Launch next generation thx!App based on L1 thx! token
  • 2021/05
    Launch CRM and B2C version of thx!App, x!pot
  • 2021/08
    Issue LMT token module on the second L1 with Bifrost crosschain module
  • 2021/09
    Launch user-friendly NFT platform based on LMT, LimiteT
  • 2022/09
    Start re-working THXNET. as a L0/L1 Web3 infrastructure with Data and Sovereign Identity solution
  • 2022/10
    Launch Web2-to-Web3 Sovereign Identity and Data Exchange solution based on THXNET. L1, Web3Connect and Web3Wallet
  • 2023/02
    Launch Alpha ver. L0 Testnet Rootchain
  • 2023/04
    Launch Alpha ver. L1 Testnet Leafchains for thx! and LMT
  • 2023/05
    Launch Alpha ver. CONNECT-to-Earn and SHARE-to-Earn on all Testnet Leafchains
  • 2023/05
    Launch Alpha ver. THXNET. Discord DAO Chatbot
  • 2023/06
    Launch L0 Mainnet Rootchain, with Bifrost crosschain module
  • 2023/06
    Launch L1 Mainnet Leafchains
  • 2023/06
    Release Testnet Rootchain, Leafchains and their application layer
  • 2023/06
    Launch a sandbox environment in Testnet Leafchain for hackathon and hacking
  • 2023/07
    Release ID-Wallet unification
  • 2023/08
    Release General thx! API
  • 2023/09
    Release new GRPC HelperAPIs
  • 2023/10
    Release THXNET. Mobile Portal App – ‘THXCONNECT’
  • 2023/11
    Release Layered DAO
  • 2023/12
    Release ID-Wallet Audit Trail
  • 2024/01
    Release Customizable Scoring (WASM-injection)
  • 2024/03
    Releasee Private Leafchain
  • 2024/04
    Releasee Bridged PoS

Tech Stack

Our Team Members

We are a diverse and remote team that is comprised of experts in various fields, including fintech, Web3, technology, traditional finance, and many others.

  • Aro
    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Ed
  • MIckey
  • Noel
  • Terry
  • WZL
  • Jenny
  • Sam
  • Guvanch
  • Roshan
  • Atabek

Our Advisors

Serial entrepreneurs and other cooperative advisors with real business experience from the financial industry to the crypto industry.

  • M.Takahashi
  • M.Saito
    BD Advisor
  • M.Okamoto
    BD Advisor
  • K.Mine
    Crypto Advisor



Try Sandbox

    How do you envision your company will use blockchain for? If you do not have any idea yet we can onboard and guide you as well. Feel free to provide any additional comments as necessary.